Our Business Compliance Policy  
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Example of an automated Insula Token account Blockchain DIY tax return :

Learn more about how to report your cryptoassets holdings  in the links below:
Cryptoassets: tax for individuals :
Cryptoassets: tax for businesses :

Crypto Tax disclaimer & guidance:

1) Concerning InsulaDAO users (individuals).



Insula's users are responsible for paying their own tax and performing any other duties they may have to complete in the investment lifecycle, and more especially during withdrawal. 

Whether it is capital gains, transfer tax or any other duty, Insula's users shall always make sure to duly report and declare their crypto-asset holdings and gains in accordance with their respective local government tax laws. InsulaDAO works structurally on a do it yourself (DIY) basis down to the individual scale, private tax reporting included.

 2) Insula Investment Management Ltd  (the limited company as a legal entity)

Insula does its investment reconciliation accountings  in BTC,ETH,ISLA,and USDT terms.

1-At the time of tax filings, we translate the value of capital gains or other taxable forms of income over the past year into Pounds (GBP).

2-Capital gain or other taxable forms of income by HMRC are paid at the standard UK crypto-corporate tax rate & crypto-capital gains tax rates, and any other rates that may apply locally to the private limited liability company as per se (Insula Investment Management Ltd).


Insula will begin submitting tax fillings with HMRC in 2020.

If some of the net corporate profit is redistributed from Insula Limited Company to the individual level, then the rule 1) stated above still applies- i.e. local corporate crypto tax rate for individuals.


We invite you to visit HMRC's website in order to learn more about crypto-assets tax policy in the United Kingdom:

Cryptoassets: tax for individuals

Cryptoassets: tax for businesses

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