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What is Insula Premium?

A personal advisor for Insula Funds investors, and much more.

Insula Premium is an enterprise grade support that gives higher priority to your support issues.

Response time will be significantly less  and you will be able to chat live with support expert via video-chat and screenshare.

Invest smoothly with Insula Premium.

Insula Premium includes:

  • Dedicated account manager for paid costumers.


  • Technical support around all of our investment products (Insula Funds, ISLA liquidity pool, ISLA token & how to use Metamask Wallet).


  • Updates on latest trends in the decentralised finance industry.

  • On-demand analysis of specific crypto-assets included in Insula Fund.

  • On-demand training: liquidity challenges, tax ramifications, appreciation timelines, the challenge of forecasting and measuring appreciation, the psychological component of collecting cryptocurrencies and the role of emotion in collectible investing.

Duration:   on demand, 15 mins  video calls.

Format:  Zoom video-call

Availability:  5/7 weekdays,   1pm-8.30 pm ECT (Paris Timezone).

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1 month subscription: 49 ISLA.

1 year subscription:  499 ISLA.

15 mins taster session: Free

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