The Brands we own (Under EU Madrid Protocol & UK IPO).
At Insula, we are proud of what we represent. The brands we own are each a unique reflection of the services we offer. 

Our Copyright Brands

List of goods and services:

Class 36

Investment analysis;Investment asset management;Investment by electronic means;Investment custody;Investment fund management;Investment fund transfer and transaction services;Investment management;Investment management of funds;Investment of capital (Services for -);Investment of funds;Investment of funds for others;Investment of funds (Services for -);Investment of money (Services for -);Investment performance monitoring;Investment portfolio management services;Investment research;Investment trust management;Asset allocation;Asset and portfolio management;Asset evaluation [financial];Asset management;Asset management for third parties;Asset management services;Research services relating to finance;Research services relating to investment.

Class 42

Research in the field of computer programs and software;Research in the field of data processing technology;Research in the field of telecommunication technology;Research laboratory services;Research (Scientific -);Research and consultancy services relating to computer hardware;Research and consultancy services relating to computer software;Research and development of computer software;Research and development of new products;Research and development of new products for others;Research and development services;Research and development services in the field of engineering;Research and development services relating to computer hardware.

Produits & services et classes:

Classe 36

Gestion financière ; investissement de capitaux ; placement de fonds.

Classe 42

Développement d'ordinateurs ; conception de logiciels ; élaboration (conception) de logiciels ; conception de systèmes informatiques.

 Insula  various Tokens' Licenses : 

1.No License (None) - More Info 

"When you make a creative work (which includes code), the work is under exclusive copyright by default. Unless you include a license that specifies otherwise, nobody else can copy, distribute, or modify your work without being at risk of take-downs, shake-downs, or litigation" - Etherscan


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