• Management Fee


  • Custodial fee


    i.e non custodial liquidity pool.

  • Legal


    Decentralized Autonomous Liquidity Pool 

  • Currency

    Ethereum (ETH)

  • ISLA Pool Liquidity

    Capital Withdrawable At Anytime

    Current Pool liquidity (April 2020):

    >2500 USD

  • Incentive fee

    Interest-bearing liquidity pool:

    Investor gets rewarded 0.3 to 0.6% of the volume of each ISLA transaction

    his ownership of the total ISLA liquidity pool (in %)

  • Protocol

    Uniswap V1 & V2

  • Current Development Status

    In Full Function

  •  Trading Frequency 

    Low frequency algorithmic DEX Order Execution Management System. 

  • Auditors

    Ethereum Blockchain

    Human readable on Etherscan.

  • Custodian

     Ethereum Blockchain 

    on-chain Custody.

  • Traction

    10+ liquidity providers to the pool.

In order to  monitor conveniently your investment in Insula Token Liquidity Pool on Uniswap, we suggest the creation of a (free) account on Uniswap.roi.com.
All you need is the Ethereum address you have used for the Insula Token interaction with Uniswap Decentralised Exchange.
Are you a long-term investor? Automate your Dollar Cost Averaging with dca.land

Learn more about Insula Pool running on Uniswap protocol: 
Need more details? Book with us!

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