Insula is the cryptocurrency that incentivizes our fully decentralized network.
Insula Token (ISLA)
 Insula Token owners can:
1Pay bills to Insula Investment Management in ISLA here.
2Stake ISLA and receive interests here.
3Sell ISLA against 100+ other cryptocurrencies here.
4 Hold ISLA as a long term investment.
Follow Insula Token live statistics  here

Buy Insula Token in 5 minutes :

1-Make sure you have purchased and own Ethereum (ETH) here.
2-Create your Metamask wallet here by saving your seed keys safely and securely.
3-Once installed, copy the address of your Metamask wallet and send the Ethereum (ETH) into your Metamask wallet. See how to do it here.
4-Swap your Ethereum against  Insula Token right below.

Insula Token is trading on :

1inch Insula Token Best Rate

Uniswap Insula Token

FatBTC Insula Token

Fork Delta Insula Token

Saturn Network Insula Token

Bitcratic Insula Token

LedgexDEX Insula Token

Balancer Exchange Insula Token

Insula Token is referenced in :







0x Tracker Insula Token

ADVFN Insula Token

Coin Data Flow Insula Token




Coin Stats Insula Token

Insula Token in figures:

  • Traction

    282 unique holders

    652 transfers

    1k smart contract calls

  • Total

    fixed supply


     1,049,675.602077199999701949 ISLA


    Non inflationary supply.

    Predetermined  & exact maximal

    finite supply.

    Tamper-proof & forever immutable timestamping

  • Liquidity

    Capital Withdrawable At Anytime

  • Management Fee


  • Custodial Fee


  • Total Trading Volume


    3.25M+ Insula Tokens moved on-chain

  • Defi Liquidity


    Trading on 5+Decentralized Exchanges

     on 100+ ETH Tokens

  • Custodian

     Ethereum Blockchain

  • Current Development Status

     In Full Function

  • Staking Daily Average Yield

    0.020% (est).

    with Insula Proof of Stake (PoS) liquidity reward  consensus algorithm. i.e Uniswap ISLA Pool.

  • Legal Status 

    Unregulated Utility Token


    A mean of exchange in the Insula economy.

    i.e not a company share.

  • Current network staking reward 

    7% riskless absolute returns per annum  (est).

    for providing decentralized liquidity

  •  Algorithm 



    Ethereum proof of work mining process. Designed to be ASIC-resistant via memory-hardness and easily verifiable.

  • Token Symbol


  • Auditors

    Insula's Blockchain ledger. Human readable via Etherscan

  • Token Type

    ERC20 Standards compliant

Insula Token Distributed Ledger:
To view Insula Token (ISLA)'s distributed ledger in live, please scan the QR code below with your smartphone: Once opened, double click on any node to expand it more.
 Insula Token Decentralised Exchange Model :

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