Find on our website a starter pack on how to run a #REN #VirtualMachine #DarkNode.

Find on our website an Insula starter pack on how to run a  #REN #VirtualMachine #DarkNode.

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REN Virtual Machine as a whole forms a Decentralized Supercomputer.

RenVM is powered by a decentralized network of machines, called Darknodes. They

contribute their computing power and storage space in exchange for fees. It runs on AmazonWebServices, GoogleCloud & Digital Ocean.

What is a Darknode?

RenVM is a network powered by decentralised virtual machines. This virtual machine is

replicated over thousands of machines that work together to power it, contributing their network bandwidth, their computational power, and their

storage capacity. These machines are known as Darknodes.

Why run a Darknode?

Ren assumes that all Darknodes are rational and will not contribute resources to RenVM

unless they are economically incentivized to do so.

Users must pay fees whenever they use RenVM, whether this be moving tokens between blockchains or running trustless scripts in secret. These fees are paid out to Darknodes as a reward for contributing their resources to RenVM.

#Insula is proud to be an active development member of the new #REN Alliance


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