Insula is proud to join the REN Alliance Consortium.

Insula is proud to join the REN Alliance Consortium, bringing together the architects of tomorrow’s financial system. Ren, an interoperable liquidity protocol for DeFi, has announced the formation of the Ren Alliance.

The Alliance is a consortium of companies and projects operating in DeFi that will help to secure, develop, and utilize the “Ren Virtual Machine.” REN Alliance brings absolute privacy, encryption and liquidity to finance for a new era.

Interoperability challenge in Decentralised Finance surfaces in the same way as in the early days of conceptualization of the Internet of Things. Web3/ Semantic Web is nothing but a Web of Things as well.

Learn more about REN Alliance: We have been studying interoperability since 2016. Below an academic paper written for Kings College London on IoT policymaking.

At the time it was written, it was intended for centralized government policy. Since then, Defi developed, and governance took a new meaning. Governance can be ensured by sets of self-governing smart contracts, forming constellations of protocols in the Defi Universe:

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