Insula Terminal is on its way to your door.

We have just released Insula 3.0, which brings full decentralization and autonomy to Insula's investment system.

Insula Computing versions history:

Insula 1.0 (Insula Centralised) - 20190325

Insula 2.0 (Insula Distributed) - 20190601

Insula 2.1 (Insula Decentralized) - 20190925

Insula 3.0 (Insula Decentralized-Autonomous) - 2020101

Our next update will be Insula 4.0 (Insula Terminal - Decentralized- Autonomous, Neural & Edge). Insula 4.0 will be in the form of a shipped physical terminal.

Insula 4.0 will allow Insula Token holders to run a full node of Insula decentralized network, and to gain full access to Insula's Decentralised App Store.

Insula dApp Store is a set of Insula investment smart contracts, allowing to stake, invest and diversify crypto-assets on their native blockchain, all without any human intervention and cognitive bias. Insula 4.0 aims at powering Insula as a decentralized corporation running on the Turing-complete Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Automated billing in Insula utility Token trough Insula's payment rails will be made available for Insula utility Token holders to easily maintain their access to Insula Crypto Terminal:

First shipping of Insula Terminal MVP expected from June 2020. We are open for pre-orders.

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