We are hiring!

Context: An understanding of what is a #Decentralized #Bank such as #InsulaInvestmentManagement, and how it is different from traditional banks:

Decentralized Banks don't need an office nor a trading floor and run without humans. Insula's automated investment system remains unimpacted by the ongoing crisis.

Decentralized banking operations are currently less impacted by organizational shocks such as Cov19 than their centralized banking counterparts. However, we are launching a decentralized hiring campaign to counteract our delayed start at #StationF as the facility is now on lockdown:

To join Insula's decentralized workforce and work from your computer, wherever you are, 24/7, while being paid in #InsulaToken for your time, please visit the following page: .

We opened 22 remote positions and more will be released soon as our decentralized technology allows us to approach and tap #teleworking efficiently.

Insula is organized as a decentralized structure since day one: We remain confident that our strategic advantage will materialize sharply in the current context of forced march towards decentralization.

After being the prime critics of Bitcoin, banks are now rushing to copy its technology.

Join us at Insula!

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