Insulα - REN Virtual Machine DarkNodes 

Control panel for REN Darkodes deployment & management: 

We are proud to join the REN Alliance Consortium to build and sustain REN Virtual Machine.
REN Virtual Machine is a Decentralized SuperComputer for finance applications.
This is to open the next era of privacy, liquidity, and interoperability in decentralized international finance.
Secure MultiParty Computation allows for the strongest level of privacy in cryptography.
Insula is amongst the development members.
All the largest Defi players are now gathered under one roof.

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  1.  Insula Investment Management Ltd does not accept Specified Investments at the moment.
  2.  Insula Investment Management Ltd does not encourage, neither Markets its product to retail investors. (as per the unregulated nature of exchange and utility tokens and existing Marketing Restrictions.
  3. If you are not a UK accredited investor as defined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), please acknowledge that Insula's website information may not be suitable for further consultation and that you may terminate your visit of immediately.
  4. Insula takes appropriate steps to ensure its content is only exposed to relevant accredited investors, with their prior consent as required by FCA COBS. Hence Insula cannot be held responsible for inappropriate Marketing exposition and it is your entire responsibility to ensure you are eligible to be exposed to Insula's website and digital content. 
  5. Insula is in the process of meeting all the legal requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority to operate as a UK investment company advising on and managing an unregulated collective investment scheme based outside of the UK(target 2020). Investments will begin only once all licensing, authorisation and registration requirements are met. In the meantime, we will only operate outside of the FCA perimeter i.e Insula will not operate centralised investment activities before meeting all required legal licensing.
  6. At the present moment, Insula is solely focused on its research activity and its internal setup.
In case of doubt, please check if you are eligible here.
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